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Groupwise Error Message Server Not Responding

There was a known workaround for users detailed below: Using our documented Configuration Instructions for Apple Mail, on step 4 enter an INCORRECT password and press the 'continue' option twice until GWMTA: Host refused connection Source: GroupWise Message Transfer Agent. Explanation: An attempt to recover the post office database (wphost.db) has failed. Action: Do not try to run more than one MTA for a domain. check over here

Explanation: The POA is configured for TCP/IP communication but it is unable to determine the IP address of the server where it is trying to run. See Rebuilding Domain or Post Office Databases in Databases in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide. There is no maximum number of inbound connections. Possible Cause: The agent cannot create a file in the location specified by the Log File Path setting on the Log Settings page for the agent in ConsoleOne or specified on http://www.novell.com/documentation/groupwise2012/gw2012_guide_tsh1/data/b4k0vaw.html

For additional details on this issue, review following information. It is possible that a legitimate message could be identified as spam and sent to a user's Junk Mail folder. Possible Cause: A client or server machine has crashed, or the process was forced to close without shutting down. Action: Check the post office link set up for the GWIA.

Action: Check the existence, integrity, and rights of the POA log file. Setting a Vacation Message Note: There is no way to set up a vacation message in Groupwise that will go to anyone that sends an email to the user. Action: Obtain a new SSL certificate and key file. Possible Cause: Links between the domains are not set up correctly.

Possible Cause: The machine where the GroupWise program is running has insufficient memory for proper functioning. Drafts saved using Outlook on the web or a desktop client can be accessed using any client except your Outlook for iOS or Android application on your device. Chinese characters, Han characters, kanji, etc.) Open the problematic email in Outlook, click Actions > Other Actions > Encoding, and then change the encoding to Unicode (UTF-8). http://www.novell.com/documentation/groupwise2012/gw2012_guide_tsh1/data/h02xldbe.html Possible Cause: TCP/IP is not set up correctly on the server where the POA is running.

Possible Cause: The server where the closed domain or post office is located does not have sufficient disk space for the MTA to create message files. It will only control the account you authenticated with. Possible Cause: The user specified in the uid.conf file has been manually edited. Explanation: A GroupWise agent failed to establish an SSL connection because insufficient memory is available for creating the connection.

Action: If the input queue subdirectories are empty, you can rename the original input queue directory and then manually re-create it, along with its required subdirectories. http://blog.jonschneider.com/2008/07/workaround-server-is-not-responding.html Remove the calendar and try to add it again, or ask the owner to share it again." When attempting to access to a secondary calendar that was shared with a NetID Action: Run the GroupWise program on a more powerful machine. 8916 Cannot use TCP/IP services Source: GroupWise engine; TCP/IP communication. Use a different browser. "500 Error" when attempting to set Public permissions for a resource calendarWorkaround described here.Unable to use the menu bar to move through dates in Firefox versions 28,

Again, this must be done for each folder. check my blog Cannot open the Outlook window", the user interface may be failing to completely launch.Review this Microsoft document for possible solutions.In Office 2011 for Mac, installation produces "activation" or "sign-on" error The Explanation: A domain or post office is closed because the MTA cannot access the database (wpdomain.db or wphost.db) at the location. Or, open the email via Outlook on the web.

One the second page, leaving everything else the exact same, enter outlook.office365.com in the server field and press continue. Explanation: The GroupWise client is attempting to contact the POA in client/server mode, but the POA is not set up for client/server communication. I checked the Messenger server console screen. this content Possible Cause: The local MTA cannot access the MTA input queue in the other domain.

Explanation: The Help file for the agent is not available. Explanation: An agent that is configured for TCP/IP attempted to contact another agent and the connection was refused. Explanation: The GroupWise agent cannot write to the specified UDP socket (port).

GWPOA: Running the agent with conflicting effective users Source: GroupWise Post Office Agent for Linux.

Action: See GWMTA: Insufficient memory. Action: Wait to see if the memory problem resolves itself. Explanation: The MTA was unable to deliver a message because it passed through the maximum of 15 hops without reaching its destination. To learn how to see if you have any Inbox rules configured on your account, check out Office 365 - View Inbox Rules.

If the installer is complaining about not being able to register DLL files during the install, reboot the machine, and then run the wms.exe file (S:\dist\win32\groupwise\gw2012sp1\client\win32\wms\nt\us\wms.exe) to reinstall the Windows Messaging Action: See GWMTA: Insufficient memory. Manually forward the message to the spam repository account. have a peek at these guys When opening another mailbox via Outlook on the web, the account control cannot be maintained to the mailbox that was opened.

Explanation: The MTA cannot start without a --home switch specifying the domain directory. Action: Add resources to the MTA server so that the MTA can function properly. Error "User was unable to access their account due to move error" when attempting to log into your account. Action: Reboot the Windows server.

Action: Remove the damaged message from the MTA input queue so it can process subsequent messages. GWPOA: Timed out waiting for end-of-file confirmation Source: GroupWise Post Office Agent; message transfer protocol. In the category window, scroll down to MAPI. Check again all your recipients' addresses: there will likely be an error in a domain name (like [email protected] instead of [email protected]).513"Address type is incorrect": another problem concerning address misspelling.

If the CJK characters still appear, you will need to open the email in an Outlook desktop client and change the encoding. GWMTA: Login not completed; timeout Source: GroupWise Message Transfer Agent; message transfer protocol. Make sure to follow the steps to update your registry. The machine might have been exited while connections were active.

See Using Client/Server Access to the Post Office in Post Office Agent in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide. The BlackBerry Messaging Agent log file (MAGT) will display the follow log lines before Hung Threads are reported in the MAGT, followed by the BlackBerry Messaging Agent being restarted and the Users wishing to use Evolution against the campus Groupwise servers do so at their own risk. Make sure to select "Use this address:..." option.

Action: Stop some programs that are running on the server in order to free up some memory. For more information, see Running the Linux GroupWise Agents as a Non-root User in Installing GroupWise Agents in the GroupWise 2012 Installation Guide. Action: Verify that the IP address and port provided in ConsoleOne are correct. Possible Cause: The server where the MTA is running has gone down.

Possible Cause: The domain database has been damaged.