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Seeing other people's mistakes just makes you feel a little less alone in this crazy world. Image credit:entros 6) Ironic Twitter shaming: a dish best served cold. Even though the object form whom is falling out of general use, when a who word follows a preposition, a speaker’s instinct is to reach for the object form, as in And indeed, when we look at historical usage, this use of "less" to describe countable objects goes way back, to at least 1481. his comment is here

And even after all of that, it will miss some mistakes anyway in grammatical examples of Rouge Angles of Satin. Minor errors such as "you're versus your" tend to be the things that annoy him, and he doesn't go on about it constantly. View this image › Via i.imgur.com ID: 1186140 7. Down at grammar!" What's the big deal?

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I'll get hung for this! Everyone immediately understands what this teenage girl means when she uses "literally" in that sense; we all get that she's making a humorous exaggeration to communicate just how upsetting my unceasing When they don’t, I always wonder if the scriptwriter or the actor is at fault. Just yes.

So if you're trying to decide which to use, first figure out if the words "in" or "to" actually modify other words in the sentence. Java! Simon: Which door do I leave from? Newspaper Articles With Grammar Mistakes About About Us Write for Cracked Contact Us Advertise Careers Sitemap Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Cracked Mobile Apps iOS Cracked Reader for iPhone Reader for iPad Best of 2011 for

Played absolutely straight for Joseph Stalin. Grammar Mistakes Examples Thanks for sharing! Game of Thrones has this exchange between King Stannis Baratheon, Principles Zealot extraordinaire, and his former smuggler advisor Davos Seaworth: Stannis: Do your knucklebones bring you luck? Davos: Pardon?

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected] Funny Grammar Mistakes On Facebook Just testing. Report Typo or Error Send Feedback To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission to CBC/Radio-Canada's online communities (except in children and youth-oriented communities). Watch the video Using "and/or" along with "both" provides us with a classic example of redundancy.

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That’s some science experiment — who’s gonna stick a funnel up his ass? http://www.dailywritingtips.com/pronoun-mistakes-1-tv-characters/ Germans regard the issue as much too serious to use the term jokingly. Funny Grammar Mistakes He's quick to point out that in Britain, it's f-a-v-o-u-r, since he naturally uses British English. Funny Grammar Mistakes Examples Want to add another one?

If you think that someone is talking about their moral righteousness when they casually say "I'm good," then you're deliberately trying to misunderstand them, a crime worthy of chain-whalings in all http://glitchtest.org/grammar-mistakes/grammar-errors-in-advertising.html Sell. As a Running Gag, Kingdom of Loathing's Lemony Narrator corrects its own grammar -- in particular, the alleged rule against ending sentences with prepositions results in some deliberately awkward phrasing. The knee-jerk use of "XXXX and I" instead of "XXXX and me" drives me over the moon. Funny Grammar Mistakes In Newspapers

Linguo: "Lie still." Lisa: I knew that. than what? You lie. http://glitchtest.org/grammar-mistakes/grammar-errors-in-the-media.html Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines.

Sign in with Facebook Login Home Articles Videos Columnists Photoplasty Personal Experiences Viral on Cracked Quick Fix LinkStorm Forums Categories Movies & TV Video Games Music Sports History Science Sex Tech Grammatical Errors In Books Which door do I leave from, asshole? To them, the rules of grammar are Serious Business.

Well, you can start by reading through this post to see which common grammar mistakes resonate with you the most. (It's okay -- we're all guilty of at least one.) Make

Immediately someone yells out from the ranks: "Fix them grammar!" In Loaded Weapon 1 we have this exchange: Becker: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You can compliment your friend's new haircut, or pay someone a compliment on his or her haircut. 27) Farther vs. Nominative?! Grammar Mistakes On Signs I should of done my laundry on Sunday.

Here are a few general rules to follow: If the noun is plural, add the apostrophe after the s. Comments are welcome while open. Please contact [email protected] to let us know. http://glitchtest.org/grammar-mistakes/grammar-errors-in-articles.html Big Boys are confused by little apostrophes.

Can't we all just get along? No matter how vigilant you are, no matter how many times you run spell check, no matter how many times you proofread, one of those suckers will slip through. One way to do this is to have the characters speak with common mistakes. You just used a double negative.

For others, it's the laws of physics. Unlock and edit anyway This Post Is locked have been jointly editing this post since . I find it's helpful to search through my posts (try control + F on PC or command + F on Mac) for those words and check that they're being used in He responded that he was actually being the idiom police.

Van Kooten En De Bie: Prof. I will whale on you with this length of chain until you change your ways. -chain whaling commences- Getty Friend 1: See, you're not "good" at all! Cargando... Well, in many circumstances, you might have a case.

Holy shit! Información Prensa Derechos de autor Creadores Publicidad Desarrolladores +YouTube Términos Privacidad Política y seguridad Enviar sugerencias ¡Prueba algo nuevo! Perhaps "Me and my colleagues" was meant to reduce suspicion in the person he was speaking to (er, "to whom he was speaking"?). Hans Landa: Did you just end a sentence with a preposition?

at the expense of their fourth wall. I know, right? Example 2: We would rather go home than stay at the party. 6. To whom.

Image credit: Engrish and Funny Typos 10) This typo wouldn't be sobad if it weren't a Promoted Tweet. Insure vs. It can't interpret slang. What does that even mean any more?