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reply | flag * message 12: by Melissa W (new) Aug 26, 2010 12:01PM While I can't find the smaller grammar mistakes, when I find large ones, it bothers me to This fact is also a sizeable elephant in the room now rammed with fans, commentators, critics, and others party to the hype machine Hollywood has built up around the books. For years I thought I must be the only person noticing these sorts of mistakes, until I purchased an e-reader. Jen Daiker says: June 22, 2011 at 7:58 AM I've never felt that a published book on the shelf did not take time to go through the editing process. http://glitchtest.org/grammar-mistakes/grammar-errors-in-advertising.html

Hey Linda- I just found a signed 3rd Edition of At Wit's End in... I've just received my first substantial edit on book two yesterday. Michael says: June 22, 2011 at 7:00 AM In the communications business, we find that sometimes less editors means better proofing. Somehow, thousands of people have graduated high school still not knowing the difference between basic homonyms and other kinds of easily confused words. see here

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Either way, I know I'm not alone inthis sentiment. Although I guess I'm learning some expressions wrong because of the mistakes I don't see. Besides, baby-boomers didn't like it; too much effort. First thanks for the well thought out explanations.

That's why I like to read something at least three times, with a fresh set of eyes, i.e. And I say all of this as someone who knows how HARD it is to proof, reproof, edit, and read over and over before publishing. I love my editors and shudder to think how the books would turn out without them. Examples Of Grammatical Errors In Newspapers That missing comma changed his missing her as a person to his missing her menses.

Once in a while, I do, but often, I realize she's right, and I go back in and make revisions. Increase Your Traffic Ad Software Blog Software SEO Software Social Media Software Content Optimization System Connect With Leads Find New Prospects Email Tracking Sales Email Templates Click to Call Your Leads You are wrong that the "proper" abbreviation of "microphone" is "mic". http://jadevarden.blogspot.com/2012/07/writing-101-popular-books-arent.html Books on Film: The Outsiders A Week of Lies...

They say that imitation is the since... Funny English Grammar Mistakes Anyone that begins some sort of business endeavor should do research to understand what they're getting into. It really gets grumpy when but and and are used to start sentences! You've got freelance editors out there who are looking for ways to pitch their service, so of course they will highlight the mistakes they find in the published books.

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Thought it was a different author. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/20/grammar-rules_n_4768485.html And then find out you can still miss things. Funny Grammatical Errors we've all been there. Grammar Mistakes In Newspapers Imperfect.

I wonder if the charge is meant to motivate editors or are there really that many hidden costs? have a peek at these guys It can also be exciting. It seems to be more and more frequent. reply | flag * message 27: by Marcia (last edited Feb 06, 2014 06:40PM) (new) Feb 06, 2014 06:38PM Oh, I wanted to say one other thing about correct grammar vs Grammar Mistakes On Signs

Because at home was my mother with her dead eyes and my little sister, with her hollow cheeks and cracked lips. Cait Drewry | February 28, 2014 at 23:54 | Reply There are factual/storyline errors that are equally irritating - such as the author's inability to do simple math. That's an absolute deal breaker for me. 28. http://glitchtest.org/grammar-mistakes/grammar-errors-in-advertisements.html In one of ‘my' books, an internationally renowned publisher changed the expressions, ‘my husband and I'/'I and my husband', and ‘my husband and me', from correct to incorrect usage.

reply | flag * message 10: by Em , PsychoSpren (new) Mar 11, 2014 07:55AM Mod I agree with Ken. Grammar Mistakes In Advertising Some of the books I've read recently could have done with some judicious winnowing. Jenni Wiltz says: June 22, 2011 at 3:55 PM Like many others who've already posted, I've found the usual number of grammatical mistakes and typos in commercial novels…yes, they bother me,

I noticed it earlier when I was writing an ema...

That was another error I wondered about getting by since it was a lone, standout sentence not included in a paragraph. My books are definitely edited, both macro and micro, by several people. And if your trad publisher isn't going to provide one, hire one before you submit to them, too.It's a matter of pride AND dollars and sense. Published Articles With Grammatical Errors It helps.

Katie | August 12, 2013 at 14:58 | Reply Yes. I hope this will improve, and even with my own books, I'm paranoid about trying to get it right. I would have been really mad to have wasted $12 a book on that series. http://glitchtest.org/grammar-mistakes/grammar-errors-in-magazines.html Do you think literary quality and structural quality are inseparable, or do you th..."Very true.

That's the most important part! Publishers vary widely in their approach to editing … and they always have. Also, the author always has the final say, so a publisher may well have pointed out what they viewed as an error but the author may have had a purpose for Great post!ReplyDeleteJade VardenJuly 31, 2012 at 1:19 PMThanks for your comments, all!

I'm good for now. They WILL catch other things, since editors are only human, too. As a reader I don't care so much about typos. So maybe this is partly about the special skill sets that each of us has.

This fiction juggernaut has all the power of a team of copy editors and the clout of a major publishing company behind it. I was just reading something and they used 'retched' (vomiting) instead of 'wretched' (miserable person). Of LKH, Kim Harrison, Chloe Neill and others use a process of that sort, than it must be a pretty good system! I guess I'm more aware of my own limited time now.

If you've never checked out her website, Google it, and then bookmark it for the next time you have a question. Bill Swan | November 3, 2013 at 16:49 | Reply Would we train serious musicians without teaching them the basic scales? Most recently, I'm now surprised when I make it through a book and don't find errors. The ride lasts about twenty minutes and ends up at the City Circle, where they will welcome us, play the anthem, and escort us into the Training Center, which will be