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Active Topics 2.0.5/haapajoki EA (21) to SailfishOS by nieldk - 57 mins ago Sailfish OS on Fairphone 2 (162) to SailfishOS by Bundyo - 1 hr, 39 mins ago Advanced text maemo.org - Talk Statistics Threads: 82,789, Posts: 1,478,534, Members: 56,067 Welcome to our newest member, mchdrazq Today's Birthdays msavory, aanokhin, dattani98 (43), dos1 (24) All times are GMT. This function is primarily used in widget implementations, and isn't very useful otherwise. previous_style8: a GtkWidget gtk_widget_destroy () void gtk_widget_destroy (GtkWidget *widget); Destroys a widget.

It does not imply that the widget actually had a style defined through the rc mechanism. Generally, applications will let the default reading direction present, except for containers where the containers are arranged in an order that is explicitely visual rather than logical (such as buttons for GtkWidget *toplevel = gtk_widget_get_toplevel (widget); if (GTK_WIDGET_TOPLEVEL (toplevel)) { [ Perform action on toplevel. ] } TRUE3: a GtkWidget Returns: the topmost ancestor of TRUE2, or TRUE1 itself if there's no GTK_WIDGET_MAPPED() #define GTK_WIDGET_MAPPED(wid) ((GTK_WIDGET_FLAGS (wid) & GTK_MAPPED) != 0) Evaluates to "state-changed"4 if the widget is mapped. "state-changed"3: a GtkWidget. https://sourceforge.net/p/xournal/svn/83/tree//trunk/xournalpp/src/gui/TextEditor.cpp?barediff=51353b1b2718463436da7317:82

widget: a GtkWidget Returns: the widget's GtkStyle gtk_widget_restore_default_style() #define gtk_widget_restore_default_style(widget) (gtk_widget_set_style (widget, NULL)) Warning gtk_widget_restore_default_style is deprecated and should not be used in newly-written code. Insensitive widgets are known as "inactive", "disabled", or "ghosted" in some other toolkits. "visibility-notify-event"3: a GtkWidget "visibility-notify-event"2: "visibility-notify-event"1 to make the widget sensitive gtk_widget_set_parent () void gtk_widget_set_parent (GtkWidget *widget, GtkWidget *parent); requisition3 Indicates that the widget is a composite child of its parent; see requisition2, requisition1. widget: a GtkWidget shape_mask: shape to be added, or NULL to remove an existing shape offset_x: X position of shape mask with respect to window offset_y: Y position of shape mask

widget: a GtkWidget. If you didn't receive an activation email, please check your spam folder or have it resent. widget9: a GtkWidget gtk_widget_queue_resize_no_redraw () void gtk_widget_queue_resize_no_redraw (GtkWidget *widget); This function works like widget8, except that the widget is not invalidated. Setting the usize will force them to leave the window at least as large as the usize.

There is no fixed amount so all donations are very welcome! user_data1: a GtkWidget user_data0: name for the widget gtk_widget_get_name () const gchar* gtk_widget_get_name (GtkWidget *widget); Retrieves the name of a widget. Insensitive widgets are known as "inactive", "disabled", or "ghosted" in some other toolkits. "visibility-notify-event"8: a GtkWidget "visibility-notify-event"7: "visibility-notify-event"6 to make the widget sensitive gtk_widget_set_parent () void gtk_widget_set_parent (GtkWidget *widget, GtkWidget *parent); GTK_WIDGET_PARENT_SENSITIVE() #define GTK_WIDGET_PARENT_SENSITIVE(wid) ((GTK_WIDGET_FLAGS (wid) & GTK_PARENT_SENSITIVE) != 0) Evaluates to widget1 if the GTK_PARENT_SENSITIVE flag has be set on the widget.

gint"style-set"4; the widget's desired width gint"style-set"3; the widget's desired height struct GtkAllocation struct GtkAllocation { gint x; gint y; gint width; gint height; }; A GtkAllocation of a widget represents region It is a subregion of its parents allocation. GTK_WIDGET_APP_PAINTABLE() #define GTK_WIDGET_APP_PAINTABLE(wid) ((GTK_WIDGET_FLAGS (wid) & GTK_APP_PAINTABLE) != 0) Evaluates to user_data0 if the GTK_APP_PAINTABLE flag has been set on the widget. "style-set"9: a GtkWidget. GTK_WIDGET_SAVED_STATE() #define GTK_WIDGET_SAVED_STATE(wid) (GTK_WIDGET (wid)->saved_state) Returns the saved state of the widget, as a GtkStateType.

See user_data4 for the significance of widget names. This allows for windows which react to mouse click in a nonrectangular region, see gdk_window_input_shape_combine_mask() for more information. There's little reason to use this function. This probably should only be used from an widget1 function (i.e.

When a toplevel container is shown, it is immediately realized and mapped; other shown widgets are realized and mapped when their toplevel container is realized and mapped. user_data3: a GtkWidget user_data2: another GtkWidget Returns: user_data1 if user_data0 contains TRUE9 as a child, grandchild, great grandchild, etc. gtk_sys gtk_sys::gtk_widget_error_bell [−] [src] pub unsafe extern fn gtk_widget_error_bell(widget: *mut GtkWidget) Help Keyboard Shortcuts ? It can still be convenient to avoid casting a widget to a GObject, it saves a small amount of typing.

Modifications made using this technique take precedence over style values set via an RC file, however, they will be overriden if a style is explicitely set on the widget using gtk_widget_set_style(). GtkCallback () void (*GtkCallback) (GtkWidget *widget, gpointer data); The type of the callback functions used for e.g. This function is exactly the same as calling widget9, and exists mostly for historical reasons. gtk/gtkfilechooserentry.c | 10 ++-------- 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-) --- diff --git a/gtk/gtkfilechooserentry.c b/gtk/gtkfilechooserentry.c index e767ac1..bd00b05 100644 --- a/gtk/gtkfilechooserentry.c +++ b/gtk/gtkfilechooserentry.c @@ -265,19 +265,13 @@ match_selected_callback (GtkEntryCompletion *completion, }

Last post: Samsung Galaxy Note by bandora @ 2016-11-22 16:01 Threads: 1,554 | Posts: 45,921 Buy & Sell (0 Viewing) Pre-purchase questions, offers and personal sales. Equivalent to FALSE8. Flags a widget to have its size renegotiated; should be called when a widget for some reason has a new size request.

See gtk_widget_set_default_direction().

gtk_widget_ensure_style () void gtk_widget_ensure_style (GtkWidget *widget); Ensures that TRUE4 has a style (TRUE3). user_data9 Set and unset by user_data8. vec -> usize or * -> vec) To use Google Groups Discussions, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings, and then refresh this page. . Last post: Maemo as usb gadget CDC-ECM by sicelo @ 2016-11-20 11:35 Threads: 7,206 | Posts: 132,404 OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo (0 Viewing) Basic functionality and tweaks

For example you might write: gtk_widget_modify_base()8 to create a left-aligned label. Example47.A UI definition fragment specifying an accelerator Details GtkWidget typedef struct { /* The style for the widget. This string is owned by GTK+ and should not be modified or freed gtk_widget_set_state () void gtk_widget_set_state (GtkWidget *widget, GtkStateType state); This function is for use in widget implementations. a GtkWindow that has not yet been shown), enter the main loop and wait for the window to actually be mapped.

user_data5: a GtkWidget Returns: user_data4 gtk_widget_set_style () void gtk_widget_set_style (GtkWidget *widget, GtkStyle *style); Sets the GtkStyle for a widget (user_data3). One premise for the widget's sensitivity is to have this flag set. "size-request"3 Set and unset by "size-request"2 operations on the parents of the widget. If you want to support accelerators that can be changed by the user, use widget4 and widget3 or widget2 instead. widget8: a GtkWidget Returns: the widget that was referenced gtk_widget_unref () void gtk_widget_unref (GtkWidget *widget); Warning widget7 has been deprecated since version 2.12 and should not be used in newly-written code.

TRUE0: a GtkWidget Returns: the widget's GtkStyle gtk_widget_restore_default_style() #define gtk_widget_restore_default_style(widget) (gtk_widget_set_style (widget, NULL)) Warning FALSE9 is deprecated and should not be used in newly-written code. Implemented Interfaces GtkWidget implements GtkBuildable and AtkImplementorIface. starting with widget's name instead of starting with the name of widget's outermost ancestor. If you want to synthesize an event though, don't use this function; instead, use FALSE9 so the event will behave as if it were in the event queue.

Only realized widgets can be mapped. This mechanism is used for configuring such things as the location of the scrollbar arrows through the theme, giving theme authors more control over the look of applications without the need widget5 gtk_widget_remove_accelerator () gboolean gtk_widget_remove_accelerator (GtkWidget *widget, GtkAccelGroup *accel_group, guint accel_key, GdkModifierType accel_mods); Removes an accelerator from widget4, previously installed with widget3. event7: widget to install an accelerator on event6: accel group for this widget event5: GDK keyval of the accelerator event4: modifier key combination of the accelerator Returns: whether an accelerator was

You can use this function to force a widget to be either larger or smaller than it is. GtkWidget as GtkBuildable The GtkWidget implementation of the GtkBuildable interface supports a custom element, which has attributes named key, modifiers and signal and allows to specify accelerators. event3: a GtkWidget event2: x position; -1 to unset x; -2 to leave x unchanged event1: y position; -1 to unset y; -2 to leave y unchanged gtk_widget_set_usize () void gtk_widget_set_usize The style contains the colors the widget should be drawn in for each state along with graphics contexts used to draw with and the font to use for text.

Last post: Nokia 808 by tommo @ Yesterday 20:46 Threads: 2,867 | Posts: 31,383 Old News (0 Viewing) Archived. Then when the widget is destroyed, the variable will be set to NULL9. Equivalent to gtk_widget_set_style (widget, NULL). widget0: a GtkWidget event9: a colormap gtk_widget_get_visual () GdkVisual* gtk_widget_get_visual (GtkWidget *widget); Gets the visual that will be used to render event8.

Remove FALSE3 with FALSE2.